Personal Training

Post Rehab Programs Once someone has been cleared from their Physio/health practitioner from there rehabilitation program, they have little guidance to progress. Many rehabilitation clients discover they are recovered from there injury but still too weak to immediately undertake a typical gym/fitness session. Getting a Personal Trainer to guide and assist in getting strength and confidence to train at their full potential. Pre-natal & Post Pregnancy Training Many ladies once getting notified of pregnancy need special requirements or assistance in training (particular at the 3rd trimester). Once cleared by their Doctor/ Obstetrician, a Personal Trainer can monitor their heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature and intensity level of training in each session. Ensuring that there is no exercise impeding the health and well being of the child or mother. Event Periodisation and Progressive Training Schedules If you are training for a particular event and want a training schedule mapped out so you have a step by step program of what is necessary for you to achieve your desired goals.